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Spare and Replacement Parts

Breakdowns can be the difference between a company retaining or losing important contracts. Regular replacement of wear items ensures product quality and output and will increase the lifetime of the extruder and decrease the need for management intervention.

We supply replacement and upgrade parts for all the major twin-screw extruder manufacturers in workable timescales and at acceptable prices.

Screws and shafts

Extrusion-Link typically offers spare screws and shafts for Baker Perkins, Clextral and Buhler machines. We are also happy to reverse engineer screw parts and modify designs to suit the customer.

In addition to the usual nitrided and hardened stainless steel, we can also offer specialized metallurgical solutions.

Our parts are manufactured in the UK using high quality, certified metals and the latest CNC machining solutions. Security in the supply chain is more important than ever and though buying cheap foreign parts may seem a good idea, when you’re running a high output production extrusion line these can often offer a false economy and disappointing delivery time.


We can offer liners for Baker Perkins MPF range of extruders in either the original supplied format or our own modular design which is both a more cost-effective and time-sensitive solution.

The circular modular barrel design favoured by Clextral is one of our most commonly purchased spare parts. We can supply both a standard cooled barrel as well as a supercooled barrel for high outputs. Extrusion-Link offers barrels which can have steam and water injection directly into the product flow.

Cutter blades

Replacing cutter blades in a timely fashion is essential to maintaining product quality. Blunt blades will increase the number of fines produced and alter the shape of the final product dramatically. Overtightening blades onto the die face can also increase the wear and is a characteristic of many OEM designs.

Extrusion-Link can offer replacement blades for Clextral cutters as well as our own spring steel flexible blade solution which is easy to fit and ensures a perfect cut every time. Conversion to flexible blade cutting and upgrade of the cutter is also available.

Pressure/temperature probes

Either offered as an upgrade or as a direct replacement, Extrusion-Link can offer temperature or pressure probes, or a combined temperature and pressure probe. Used as a production parameter and measured at the die or last barrel section, it can also act as a safety warning.

We would always recommend a customer has one of these probes as part of their process.

Heating elements

Whether your machine uses cartridge or ceramic knuckle band heaters, Extrusion-Link can specify and supply replacement parts. Safety upgrades include thermally insulated SS shrouds, which meet modern standards and are energy saving.

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