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Extrusion Link manufactures a range of modular conveyor-band dryers/coolers ideal for the granola, breakfast cereal, snack and ingredient industries.


Extrusion Link manufactures a range of modular conveyor-band dryers/coolers ideal for the granola, breakfast cereal, snack and ingredient industries.

Widths up to 2.5M and outputs of 3T/hr are available. Lower output units can be upgraded with additional sections easily.

A single pass system is the most hygienic and only a fully stainless-steel design can meet modern standards.

The dryer interior is fully accessible through full height hinged/interlocked doors for washdown, and all interior joints are fully welded and crevice free. Sloping floors with drain points are standard and horizontal surfaces are minimised.

A SS chain with no lubrication requirement is available


An automatic hot, high-pressure band wash cleaning system ensures an unrivalled level of hygiene completely hygienic design, and a helical-design band brush is available.

Electropolished slats may be specified for especially difficult products.

A fully CIP system is available.

Operator safety and operating costs are important in the design of the dryer, which is double-skinned, fully insulated and thermally efficient.

Creating a full-width, even depth bed is essential for quality and efficiency, and this is very effectively achieved by means of a variable speed and height ramshorn spreader. Reciprocating feeders and rake spreaders are also available depending on product requirements.

Uniform colour, moisture and texture are ensured by upward and downward airflows and close control of air temperature, distribution, moisture content and velocity.

Product turnover for enhanced uniformity is achieved using variable speed picking rolls.

Ambient or air-conditioned cooling is available.

Extrusion-Links systems optimise the heat capacity of the recirculating air, resulting in maximum moisture removal.

Gas, electric and indirect kerosine/diesel fired heating systems are available to make use of the most cost-efficient energy supply locally available.


Exhaust gas energy recovery systems are also available.

Key Features

  • Hygienic construction

  • Excellent access

  • High efficiency

  • Low maintenance

  • Closely controlled bed depth and fill


Extrusion Link has designed its own highly efficient fluidizing, two-zone toaster using jet tube technology.

The high air volumes used ensure rapid and consistent removal of moisture. The vibratory conveyor spreads and transports the product efficiently, minimising variation in colour, while the turbulent fluidizing effect ensures even desiccation and toasting. Each zone has independent airflow and temperature control ensuring the ideal settings are reached to get a perfect product.

This process is not aggressive, so minimal damage and breakage of the product occurs.

Any fines generation is removed by the internal cyclones and air recycling levels can exceed 95%, minimising CO2 generation and fuel costs.


Key features

  • LPG, natural gas direct fired, or indirectly heated.

  • Recirculated air: energy/CO2 saving.

  • Independently controlled heating zones.

  • Even toasting and drying.

  • Internal dust removal units.

  • 250-2000kg/hr units available.

  • Low fines generation.

  • SS Product cooler also available

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