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Extrusion-Link are dedicated to providing continuous support to our customers, from the initial enquiry to delivery of a project. We also recognise that aftermarket service is fundamental to the continuous production of high-quality products, and so we offer service contracts as well as remote support and upgrades during the lifetime of your extruder. Extrusion-Link doesn't just sell equipment, we are there whenever you need us.

Engine Mechanic


Extrusion-Link specialises in rebuilding machinery, including extruders, gearboxes, and control panels. For some clients repairing and rebuilding is the best option available either when using existing equipment or when sourcing additional equipment within a limited budget.  As well as the obvious cost benefit, timescales are shorter, and it can mean less of a disruption to an existing factory layout and process.

Our process is as follows:

  • Initial assessment of equipment on-site or at our workshop.

  • Dismantle equipment and conduct final assessment

  • Issue report and recommendations on rebuild options

  • Fully clean, rebuild, blast and paint where necessary.

  • Test all motors and circuits.

  • Upgrade safety to current standards, with particular focus on electrical components

  • Reassemble machinery.

  • Test and certificate to current safety standards

Granola factory pic.jpg


Installing specialist equipment can be complicated but our engineers have extensive field experience, having worked across the world with many different processes.

They are responsible for all aspects of the installation and have been involved throughout the project including input into design as well as the build process.

During the installation, our engineers are happy to assist the customer familiarise themselves with the new equipment and help with establishing the process.

Product Development 2.jpg


Successful process commissioning depends on a good understanding of the electrical and mechanical aspects of extrusion, but also having the correct raw materials and an understanding of how these can impact the process is crucial.

The combination of this skill set is difficult to find but Extrusion-Link has both in house expertise and a worldwide network of such engineers developed over many years.

Extrusion-Link is therefore well placed to offer its clients assistance with all their product and process development needs.  This can range from improving existing processes, for example, increasing output or product consistency, or to developing completely new products and processes.

With extensive contacts in the aquafeed, cereal and snack industry, Extrusion-Link is uniquely positioned to help all businesses with their development needs.



Regular and effective maintenance is essential to keep machinery safe and efficient and to ensure a consistent product is made all day and every day.  The extremely costly implications of factory breakdowns and stoppages can be significantly reduced by implementing a good maintenance programme.  It is often difficult to maintain the expertise to do this in house, to fill this gap Extrusion-Link offers a complete service package tailored to suit each customer’s individual needs.

Our package can include:

  • Gearbox and motor inspection and mini service (typically every 6 months)

  • Gearbox full service (once every 2 years)

  • Spare sets of screws and shafts

  • Intermediate and discharge Barrels/liners

  • Overall extruder health check (typically every 6 months)

  • Fully trained engineer provided by Extrusion-Link to visit site on
    pre-booked dates

  • Emergency breakdown cover is also recommended to make sure
    unforeseen events can be speedily resolved


Extrusion-Link has several service contracts in place with leading UK snack manufacturers who have seen their downtime significantly reduced.  Companies have found that operator confidence and ability has grown, as a result of the ongoing support provided by Extrusion-Link.

Engineering Tools


Good design is the starting point for any successful project.  Extrusion-Link can support your project at many levels from die design to factory layout. 

Design can involve replacing existing items where perhaps original drawings have been lost. Extrusion-Link can offer reverse engineering services to our customers to alleviate the loss of OEM drawings. Our engineers are happy to travel to site to draw existing machinery in situ.  We are able to offer concept design as well.

At Extrusion-Link we understand that as well as being dimensionally correct, diligent design must take into consideration the limits and capabilities of the different materials used in manufacturing and the suitability of each depending on the particular process. 



With all new control systems Extrusion-Link offers remote connection which enables real time fault and problem identification and connection to the Cloud for data storage. This means we can offer immediate support to our customers. 



Extrusion-Link are committed to educating operators to ensure safe and efficient practise is maintained when using our machines. We are able to offer a full training package on our own extruders as well as existing installations on both single and twin screws

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